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August was an interesting month for me. I attended the Cape Cod Writers’ Conference, which is always a fun time. My favorite part this year was the class given by the Medical Examiner for the state of Connecticut. I learned some interesting things: 1) You cannot bury a body with a bullet in it. You need to remove all bullets or shrapnel prior to burial. 2) If you shoot somebody, wash your hands asap. That removes enough gun shot residue that it can’t be used as evidence against you. 3) The Medical Examiner may boil body parts in a crockpot in order to examine bones for trauma. 4) Maggots make a sound similar to Rice Krispies. Yikes! 5) At least in Connecticut, policemen need to buy their own bullets. This is a good way to reduce police shootings. I don’t know about other states.

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